Shoulder Injury Clinic Comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all upper limb conditions and injuries at WeCare Physiotherapy.

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WeCare Shoulder Clinic

“Great service, after years of problems Xavier has fixed my shoulders after 4 sessions. So happy, thank you.” Mrs Sarah H, June 2016

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Physiotherapy for shoulder pain can be an effective way to support and speed up recovery. Our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists can assess your shoulder and use several methods of treatment to reduce the pain and increase shoulder movement.

Dependent on our diagnosis of the problem, we use a range of techniques for shoulder pain treatment including:

  • Specific physiotherapy exercises for shoulder pain
  • Joint Mobilisations
  • Electrotherapy
  • Shoulder blade stabilisation exercise
  • Rotator cuff rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue Massage

To prevent shoulder problems we advise that you work on trunk mobility and control in addition to your shoulder-specific exercises. In many sports, including racquet sports and swimming, we use the trunk to initiate rotation, which allows a transfer of energy from the larger trunk segments to the shoulder and arm thus producing greater force with the least stress on the shoulder joint. We provide advice and demonstrate techniques to treat shoulder pain and prevent undue stress to reduce the risk of future injury and improve efficiency.

We work alongside orthopaedic surgeons and personal trainers to develop approved exercise programmes and monitor shoulder injury treatment to aid recovery. WeCarePhysiotherapy is affiliated with Our team of physiotherapists keeps abreast of the latest protocols and research to provide our clients with best practice treatment.

Common Shoulder Conditions We Treat

Through our shoulder injury clinic we offer these treatments in conjunction with advice on pain relief and methods to reduce day-to-day pain, increase movement and allow you to do all the activities you enjoy.

We frequently see a variety of shoulder problems in our everyday clinics. Posture, working patterns and ageing can all cause shoulder injuries affecting people from all walks of life including office workers, manual workers and musicians. At our shoulder injury clinic we treat common shoulder problems including:

  • Shoulder and collar bone fracture
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis & Impingement
  • Swimmers shoulders
  • Shoulder instability

Frozen Shoulders

Frozen shoulder is a fairly common condition which we have significant experience in treating at our clinics. This condition leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder which can impact on your daily life. This condition occurs due to an inflammation of the flexible tissue around the shoulder joint. We can provide effective physiotherapy treatment for your shoulder to reduce the pain and increase movement until the capsule heals.

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